If you’ll take my hand — June 3, 2018

If you’ll take my hand

You are alone
You are really alone
Even though they often told you “you’re not alone”
But you know you are alone
You try to put on that “I’m fine by myself” face
And your “I don’t care” signals
Trying to convince everyone that you’re doing fine, with your straight face and sometimes shallow smile

But you’re alone

You’ve tried to reach out to someone many times
But your desperation betrays you
It’s written allover you
And you can’t fake it
Cos that’s what it is
You’re alone

It’s probably not your fault that you’re alone
It’s probably not your fault that you are who you are
And it’s never your plan to be where you’re now

I’m alone
I’m really alone
You think you’re “broken”
I’m broken too
The world is broken
But here’s hope
Here’s MY HAND
I’m not promising that we’ll get through this soon
But we’ll get through someday
For I’m here for you and you for me too.
Together, we’ll beat the weather!
If you’ll just take my hand.

Desperate for a change — May 16, 2018
In my journey towards relevance – Part 1 — May 15, 2018

In my journey towards relevance – Part 1

In My Journey of Relevance, I have learned that to lead a life of relevance is to lead a life that’s consistent with one’s belief system, that which encourages, challenge and help others with similar inclinations (sympathetic resonance) to emulate, reproduce and exceed same, a life that makes others want to live indeed, to help others be the best they can be, a form of positive and constructive influence on one’s community.
It is a journey of universal appeal, that which produces same emotional effect among “faithfuls” when viewed and considered from different ethnic, climatic, and geographical perspective.

On my personal journey towards relevance, I have learned that everyone is in search of meaning, meaning to one’s existence. I have learned that relevance is not only a function of skill, intelligence or strength.

We are all on this journey, and we all have struggles! Upon these struggles depend our individual, societal and institutional survival and thriving.

To be relevant is to progress in our existence, regardless of our struggles, pace or speed. And for our lives to progress, we must continuously find ways to stand and resolve to remain undeterred in our pursuit.
For the enduring continuity of our personal and collective wellbeing, our problems and challenges must loose (be weakened) from the inside. To achieve this, we must choose to begin to look at them from another perspective. This is not a denial of present realities, rather, it is the embracing of the numerous existing possibilities.
For then we will be able to access the power of human ingenuity as bestowed upon us by the heavenly.
If we fail to, then we will fall into the chaotic state of bitterness and prolonged heartache.
Let us brace ourselves and take responsibility, for what lies behind us and those ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
Let us not be bound by our fear of failure, for in them lies the lessons that will instruct the coming generations.
These is relevance, this is life.

The “God Principles” — May 9, 2018

The “God Principles”

I wrote long ago that to be a diehard believer in any course is not a day’s job. By default, the human mind is designed to associate itself with a set of belief system; the principles that guides his existence.
To attain this level of spiritual awareness and self realization, he must go through a particular set of experiences. The ones that informs his convictions either by adoption or personal revelations, and clarifies all prejudices.
In my search for meaning and relevance in life, I have found me many times, sit to review the principles and ideologies that inform my decision making; conversation and manner of living, with the understanding that a progressive and continual reassessment of a belief system will avoid the pitfall of applying an antiquated ideology that causes us to expend effort but doesn’t get desired results.

In this I found a subtle tendency to leave and reject the ones that are eternally consistent; the “God Principles.”

Pick a Task and not a fight! – Part 1 — January 20, 2018

Pick a Task and not a fight! – Part 1

God expressly instructed me, “never be offended”.If there was no certainty of the many human excesses which brings displeasure to our person in our daily conversations, there would be no need to be mindful of our response to offences. 

There are far too many daily occurrences that are designed to break your heart, a plot to make us loose our inner peace and tranquility. Many wrong words spoken to us, many wrong judgements and conclusions about us.

But God said “never be offended”. 

Please understand that this is not the same as our parents’ representation of one extreme of emotional repression, neither is it the contemporary man’s temperamental yo-yo that permits his emotions to rule his destiny; being cast adrift in the path of the modern day’s perversion. 

It’s an instruction of strength and love to the willing and hurting, letting go of all the negative energies in us and those thrown at us.

To not be offended is to put every dissatisfaction and displeasure in their right place, choosing to live peaceably without bitterness towards any, and to not have the intention of revenge or evil reciprocity of any sort.

Life is too short to be expended in such manner.

And we often fail to see our contributions to the painful experiences of our lives, so to make up for our own missteps, pick a task and not a fight when offended.

Our Father’s Quarter To – Part 1 — January 18, 2018

Our Father’s Quarter To – Part 1

God said to me as He said to Moses in Exo 6:3 -“…I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah was I NOT KNOWN TO THEM.”

The generation of our fathers “is passed”, they are done!

God is handing over to us new revelations and directions; an explanation of our own frequent unexplained dissatisfactions – a form of burning bush kindled by God but that is not consumed. He is drawing our attention, so that our lives will not be a recurrence of our elders results.

And for our lives to not be a recurrence of our elders’ result we must take responsibility today, we must respond. And our response determines our result. Our response must be that of “arising to anoint the future” rather than working to make our elders see our reasons. It’s like labouring on the hard part. 

God told Samuel (1 Sam 16:1)…How long wilt thou mourn for Saul…? fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Beth-lehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons.

This is not a mere change of leadership, it’s the change of a generation. A form of forceful push at stagnation.

And stagnation is the bane of posterity; a threat to the coming generation.

 T. D Jake’s put it this way – Stagnation is the danger of traditional thinking. The wisdom of our elders could have been great for the time when we heard them. But a progressive and a continual reassessment will avoid the pitfall of applying an antiquated ideology that causes us to expend effort but doesn’t get desired result.

This is the reason we must build on a solid foundation. We must be clear on our vision for our desired outcome – by revelation, inspiration or aspiration.

There must be clarity of purpose coupled with tenacity; resilience and relentlessness.

At a level, it’s like a reinvention of some sort; an act of replacing the old with the new. 

I once said that REINVENTION is the ESSENCE of RELEVANCE in business, ministry, marriage and life in general. An ACT of replacing the OLD with the NEW; a deliberate EFFORT to driving individual, relational, and organizational ADVANCEMENT. The OLD is not RECYCLED, nor is it totally IGNORED, while the NEW is THOUGHTFULLY EMBRACED.

The Nirvana Syndrome – Part 1 — January 16, 2018

The Nirvana Syndrome – Part 1

Many people today fall into the gorge of what I refer to as the “Nirvana Syndrome”.

Lemme explain.

The “Nirvana Syndrome” is an emotional disorder, it’s a state of mind which desires to have everything perfectly consistent and accurate in a blissful repertoire of unrestricted comfort, with little or no opposition nor fault of any sort.

Such a one in a relationship, becomes irritated at the sight of any little form of discomfort. He operates on a high level of self-centeredness. He expects his mistake and short comings to be quickly forgiven and forgotten but hold-on to other people’s fault and mistakes.

If considering marriage, he looks for and waits for the perfect one. He’s more concerned about the person that’ll fulfill and meet his own peculiar needs rather than give rational attention to finding the one whose needs he can meet and fulfill. He demands undivided attention from other people and pay little or no attention to another.

He’s simply controlled by his own feelings and desires alone regardless of how others feel.

The Dream Bigger Than You — January 15, 2018

The Dream Bigger Than You

O! it is true
That which I thought I couldn’t do

And never attempt to


Because I have seen you too

Take-on what you thought you couldn’t do

And ever striving with the right tool

You got it too.

O! It is true

The task before you was plain and great

Never without pain or shame

You ignored them day by day

Continuing on your way all the same

For where your mates play

With focus you stayed on your plane

And that became your gain

O! It is true

It was never about you

Because when I met you

I saw the fire in you

It was about “the other two”

To see their dreams come true

And their joy full

For therein lies your joy too

O! It is true

I am in search too

And My heart beats too

For “the other two” 

And like a ripple

It’s going through

And It became you

The dream bigger than you

I Have Wasted It  — December 16, 2017

I Have Wasted It 

I have wasted it! I have wasted it…
This is the cry of he whom at his old age came to realize how much he has missed from the exploration of the God ordained destiny for his life.

He was young, strong and wild

A terrible and horrible thought it is,

to imagine one’s life come to this point

Where such lamentations of regret are made,

And yet so late!

A one that could make a dreadful movie or book titled, 

“The agony, of a wasted life”

Knowing I only have just one life to live

I choose to use it for God

Now I need not to die for Christ,

Rather I need to live for His glory and Kingdom first,

Cos He already died for me so I may live for Him.

Already I think about the years lost in sin

And the agony of wishing I could turn back the hands of time to do it again. 

Many things I would do differently. 

But I still got today. And you still got today too

No wonder the Apostle said, “…today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation…”

I challenge you too TODAY, wait no longer. Begin to make your life count for eternity…TODAY

The Times a’ Changing —

The Times a’ Changing

The things I run away from seem to be the only reality I’m experiencing. The lessons I received or “I thought I received” yesterday seem outdated today. The world seem changing faster than the time needed to develop new and authentic ways of dealing with the challenges. Am I the one that’s impatient enough? Or am I not consistent enough?

But I know there are ways that are enduring, laws that are steadfast, principles that are eternal. 

Lord, this is my desire.

 To see the things packaged for my purpose on earth lest I get spent trying to use another’s. 

To know what next to do lest I delay longer than necessary, thinking I’m “expectant” while manifestations are crying for my response.

To know when to wait and when not to.

To know what I need to know to get to where I need to be; Ministry and Marriage wise.

Instruct me Lord, according to your mercy. I confess I need your wisdom which is far better than rubies and choice gold.

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